First look: Health Evolution’s latest pilot program

Key Takeaway: New media products will enable Health Evolution to support the community year round.

A new vehicle to keep alive the discussion that takes place at the annual Summit.

Each year, the Health Evolution Summit gathers key leaders with the insights, innovations — and, frankly, the influence — to help move health care forward. There are many anecdotes on how the Summit has helped accelerate a new care-delivery initiative, foster an unexpected alliance or spark a solution to an unmet need in the marketplace.

Many of these initiatives are born as result of fostering an intimate, confidential gathering of leaders where ideas can be safely discussed. However, there are key insights captured during the Summit that deserve to be shared with CEO-level executives in organizations throughout healthcare who haven’t be able to participate in our annual gathering.

Therefore, we are piloting a new information platform, Health Evolution News.

Now, the broader Health Evolution community will have access to newsletters, reports, videos and other thought-provoking content garnered during the Summit and developed throughout the year. All of it will be curated to be relevant and engaging expressly for leaders like you.

Beginning with this newsletter, we are testing content on in order to give you access to some of the topics and trends discussed among select leaders in the Health Evolution community.

As we explore this new medium, we certainly welcome your input. So please let us know what trends, topics and insights we should explore by contacting